Corelase underlines that innovation is customer service.

Corelase is an expert of quality turnkey laser technology. The company emphasizes that the most important thing in their business is about listening and understanding the customer. In other words, Corelase provides always reliable special fiber laser solutions according to customer’s needs: company has a successful track record on customization. That is also the key element on a path which eventually leads to innovations.

But to create innovations, you need know-how. Corelase is the world’s second biggest fiber laser producer when looking kW range high power fiber laser cumulative amount. Company provides its customers technology leadership. For example, Corelase’s single oscillator generates more than 2 kW. And when it comes to new products with high added value for customers, among other things there’s ARM™. Adjustable Ring Mode is a special fiber laser that enables a totally new era for fiber laser materials processing.

Maintenance, development and training

Customer application development, product training, support and customer education is essential part of Corelase producing value and serve customers. Company provides various life cycle services such as customised maintenance and service support packages. Laser application development is done in cooperation with integrators and by listening customer’s needs as well as understanding end customer. Corelase also offers training for application development and integrators. Tailored training programs are designed precisely for customers.

Partnership at the centre of operations

Technical expertise and customer understanding creates partnership that forms the basis of Corelase operations. Proficiency means valid technical know-how, operational skills and continuous improvement. Customer understanding on the other hand leads to differentiating factors on the business field, value adding and adapting business processes. These two form partnership which consists of true continuous dialog and transferring it to actions as well as developing common future with partners. Precisely, of course.

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