Fiber laser annealing – quick and accurate

Corelase fiber lasers can replace or complement conventional annealing equipment from flash lamp annealing to thermal ovens. The laser annealing can produce very accurate amount of heat energy and direct it quickly and precisely into desired area. As a result, material properties such as micro structure, crystallization level, transparency or stress can be modified in great detail and with constant quality.

Various benefits for different applications

In medical applications the micro structure created by laser annealing prohibits dust and germs to accumulate. In semicon applications the charge mobility of deposited thin films can be increased yielding faster devices. Also the quality of displays and the efficiency of solar cells can be improved by laser annealing.

More precise heat control

Compared to flash lamp annealing, laser annealing offers more precise heat control due to non-existent residual heat loads of flash lamp bulb. Laser annealing is also faster and more flexible: shape of light can be varied and spread with scanner and other optics, from small spot to wide area. The heat penetration depth and temperature gradient can be controlled precisely.

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