Fiber laser drilling from thick to thin

Corelase fiber lasers can be used to drill holes in a variety of thin and thick materials, ranging from wood and plastics to metals and ceramics. Laser drilling makes it possible to drill very small, precisely tapered, unusually shaped and blind holes in a variety of objects. Corelase’s percussion drilling endures back reflection exceptionally. Beam modulation combined with higher output powers leads to better piercing capability also for thicker and highly reflective materials. Trepanning is mainly used in situations where the laser beams should be smaller than the hole.

No contact, no contamination

Laser drilling is a quick way to make holes. Drilling medium being a beam of light, it prevents contamination of the workpiece since there is no physical contact. Laser drilling allows different shapes and sizes of holes over 3D surfaces, even on difficult process materials. Besides being fast, laser drilling is accurate and readily automated.


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13th to 16th April 2016

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26th to 29th June 2017