CoreScribe™ – fiber laser scribing

Corelase X-LASE picosecond fiber laser makes it possible to execute scribe either to surface or under the surface of material. Corelase has developed and patented laser scribing process, CoreScribe™. This unique process innovation is used for scribing transparent or brittle materials with excellent process quality and high process speed.

Scribing glass and sapphire and cutting glass

CoreScribe is especially suitable for scribing glass and sapphire as well as cutting glass. CoreScibe process is designed for X-LASE CoreScriber picosecond fiber laser.

BENEFITS of CoreScribe for Sapphire Scribing

High quality
• No edge debris or dust on the active region
• No surface damage
• Minimal brightness loss due to scribing process

Higher throughput
• Very fast processing speed compared to any other method
• Narrow kerf width
• For example in the case of 4” and 140 μm wafers CoreScribe process can deliver at least 50% higher throughput compared to other methods

Single pass up to 600 μm wafers
• With CoreScribe process it’s possible to scribe wafers up to 600 μm in thickness with single pass

• CoreScribe is a revolutionary process developed specially for scribing transparent materials, like sapphire

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