ARM™ – Unique laser source for cutting and welding

In the past decades laser industry has provided 10 µm wavelength CO2 lasers for cutting system manufacturers. They have fine-tuned the cutting processes to the perfection by utilizing the inherent annular beam of CO2 lasers. Ever since fiber laser technology emerged in cutting, customers have been asking for same kind of ring mode beam suited for cutting thick materials at 1 µm wavelength regime. Since 2008 Corelase worked on this dilemma. Finally the company suggested their customer a concept that combines two beams in the same laser fiber coaxially. Customer became inspired and convinced. The project demanded Corelase’s ability to design laser components as well as company’s process know-how. Corelase used their own components all the way through by utilizing previously developed technologies around fiber laser components. ARM™ was born.

Ecstatic reception

First ARM prototype was built fast and it was improved in the second round. After that, first ARM device was introduced in Munich 2015 to an ecstatic reception. ARM is truly one-of-a-kind device in cutting and welding. Technology used made sure that Corelase took a leap over couple of generations: middle and ring beam being electrically controlled, they can be switched on or off independently even 10,000 times a second. ARM is an all-fiber laser source and hasn’t got any moving mirrors or free space optics.

All the potential still unveiled

ARM project surpassed all expectations. Now big cutting and welding companies can use it for even more complex designs they originally hoped for.

“Many customers have tried all sorts of stuff and still they don’t know the final potential of ARM since it can be used in totally new ways”, says Corelase Business Director Jarno Kangastupa.

Processing thin and thick with same laser

Ring mode technology broadens customer’s possibilities by allowing processing thin and thick products up to 30 mm with same laser. ARM creates dynamic on-the-fly adjustable beam profile to the output of the laser. ARM is designed for processing wide range of materials including highly reflective metals which is characteristic for all Corelase fiber laser sources. Further to the investigations by industrial parties the scientific world is exploring the ARM possibilities in the universities and institutes.



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2016 Japan International Welding Show, Osaka, Japan

13th to 16th April 2016

Laser World of Photonics, Munich, Germany

26th to 29th June 2017