New generation fiber laser for welding

Veldo Oy is an expert of precision laser welding. When the company needed new generation fiber laser for welding copper, aluminium and other 0,2–6 mm thick metals, Tampere University of Technology professors recommended Corelase. TUT and Corelase had a long-term cooperation in the laser welding process development which brought Veldo’s and Corelase’s ideas together. As a result, Veldo got what they wanted.

“Corelase’s fiber laser is reliable and easy to use in our application. Service also works smoothly. Most of our welding is done with Corelase’s functional fiber laser. There has been some skeptics claiming 0,2–2 mm thick copper or air conditioners can’t be welded and we have proved each and everyone of them wrong”, Veldo CEO Martti Salo says with a satisfied smile and continues:


“As a new generation device, Corelase fiber laser has a remarkable quality of light. Concentrated spot makes processing easy and enables innovations in industry.”

Excellent welding quality

Veldo uses Corelase’s fiber laser in a remote welding scanner which is attached to a robot. Veldo works as a laser welding subcontractor for other companies as well as producing welding cells which integrates robotics, scanner, machine vision and laser together. Welding cells are especially in demand for customers with large quantity of items to weld and quality has to be excellent.


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2016 Japan International Welding Show, Osaka, Japan

13th to 16th April 2016

Laser World of Photonics, Munich, Germany

26th to 29th June 2017