Modular and scalable fiber lasers

Corelase provides always reliable special fiber laser solutions. As the world’s second biggest fiber laser resonator producer, the company has lasers designed to be modular and scalable in terms of output power. Another common feature is compactness. To help customers to get most out of their laser investment Corelase provides the customer reliability of service in addition to delivery.

ARM™ creates dynamic adjustable beam profile to the output of the laser that enables revolutionary benefits for materials processing.
H-LASE and O-LASE are high power fiber laser modules that can be be integrated into cutting, welding and drilling systems.
X-LASE is a fiber laser used in transparent material scribing and welding, thin film patterning/ablation, cutting, drilling and coating.

Corelase is an official distributor for Rofin micro and marking lasers, Dilas diode components and diode laser systems.


  • Corelase was awarded ISO9001:2015 Certificate

    The Corelase Quality Management System audit at the end of June was a success and was performed according to the newest ISO9001:2015 standard. The awarded certificate can be found here. …Read More »
  • Precisely for customers

    Corelase underlines that innovation is customer service. Corelase is an expert of quality turnkey laser technology. The company emphasizes that the most important thing in their business is about listening …Read More »


2016 Japan International Welding Show, Osaka, Japan

13th to 16th April 2016

Laser World of Photonics, Munich, Germany

26th to 29th June 2017