X-LASE – Phenomenal quality for industrial use

X-LASE is a perfect industrial tool for cutting, drilling, patterning and ablation with minimal thermal load. X-LASE is a compact fiber laser with excellent beam quality (M2<1.5), ultrashort (20–30 picosecond) pulse width and megahertz range repetition rate. Corelase provides two different X-LASE products.

X-LASE CoreScriber

Processing excellence for transparent materials. X-LASE CoreScriber is picosecond pulsed fiber laser designed specifically for Corelase’s two revolutionary process innovations: CoreScribe™ and CoreBond™. CoreScriber’s high repetition rates (up to 10 MHz) enable market leading processing speeds. For example X-LASE CoreScriber with CoreScribe™ process enables to increase sapphire scribing throughput at least by 50 % compared to any other method.

X-LASE 24-6

Precise ablation with speed. X-LASE 24-6 is an industrial picosecond fiber laser. Picosecond pulses with high peak power enable cold ablation process where workpieces are processed with minimal thermal load. Corelase’s all-fiber technology enables rugged industrial design, delivery fiber and compact size.

Easy integration makes X-LASE 24-6 a perfect tool for high precision micromachining. High repetition rates (up to 4MHz), high average power and outstanding beam quality provide market leading combination of high process speeds, productivity and yield.


● Excellent quality
● Superior throughput
● Cold ablation
● Robust for industrial use
● Increased productivity

● Average output power 24 W
● Pulse energy 6 μJ
● Cold ablation due to ultrashort pulses with high beam quality
● MHz repetition rate, adjustable between 1–4 MHz or 4–10 MHz
● Compact turnkey system
● Fiber delivery
● Ethernet or RS232 computer interface


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